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Are you too busy to navigate the claims process? Ask South Coast Towing to be your "accident advocate", and we'll manage your claim at no personal cost.

IS ANYONE INJURED? Don't ignore small injuries, which can suddenly develop into serious medical problems. If you've any doubts, get a professional medical evaluation immediately. FILE A POLICE REPORT When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, proper paperwork prevails. Your insurance agent will want a copy of the police report. A CLEAN SWEEP Your motor club membership might cover your tow, but it does not cover the cost of cleaning up the accident scene. You may be responsible for this expense. Ask your tow operator. TOW YOUR VEHICLE Tow your vehicle to a destination of your choice, or to one of our five secure storage facilities , where we preserve the value of your car and provide access 7 days /week. FILE INSURANCE CLAIM Contact your agent, and discuss your policy 's fine print to learn if you qualify for reimbursed accident expenses. Hit by someone else? You 'll be dealing with their agency GET RENTAL CAR Your insurance coverage probably provides for a rental vehicle. Ensure you get the best vehicle to which you 're entitled. You paid for it, so you should get it NEGOTIATE BEST VALUE Most insurance companies want to pay out the smallest amount that will satisfy you. Their first offer is just that: An offer. Refuse it, and negotiate a better offer. REPAIR OR REPLACE VEHICLE If you're repairing your vehicle, you can tow it to a repair shop of your choice, or hire us to repair it. If it's totaled then it's time to go car shopping. MONITOR INSURANCE CLAIM The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Make sure your insurer schedules a prompt Appraisal, so you can put this accident in your life's rear-view mirror. Safety first. Our crews will answer all your questions, but we must clear the roadway first. Get all of the details. The convenient form at the bottom will help you keep the facts in one place. Getting the run-around? Don't miss out on any of the perks you deserve. Ask us to advocate for you. Getting the run-around? Don't miss out on any of the perks you deserve. Ask us to advocate for you. Personal service We'll help you book your rental, and we'll even give you a ride to the agency. We'll speed things up. If the car's in our care, your insurer is paying for storage. They want it out. One stop shop. Through our affiliated companies, we repair cars, we buy cars, & we sell cars! Protect your wreck. Rain. Vandals. Thieves. We guarantee your vehicle won't lose value on the lot. You don't pay us. We don't charge you; we bill the insurer, so you always know we're on your side.

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